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Welcome to Friends’ School
Saffron Walden

Anna Chaudhri, Head of Friends' School, Saffron Walden

We are proud to welcome you to Friends’ School, a small, diverse and vibrant school in the heart of Saffron Walden. It is an old Quaker found­a­tion, rest­ing proudly on a tradi­tion of more than three hundred years of enlightened educa­tion for both boys and girls from its begin­nings back in 1702.

Our site is home to both a senior and a Junior School, so that we are able to offer educa­tion right through the age range of 3 – 18. Moreover, shar­ing the site means that our senior pupils have oppor­tun­it­ies to help out in the junior school, lead­ing sport­ing or creat­ive activ­it­ies and our junior pupils have access to special­ist teach­ing in certain areas of the curriculum, such as modern languages and Design Tech­no­logy, using the staff and facil­it­ies of the Senior School. We combine the expert­ise of both sections of the school in some combined activ­it­ies, such as our very success­ful middle-school band, compris­ing pupils from Years 5,6,7 and 8.

The site is also home to a community of about sixty boarders in the Senior School. They are accom­mod­ated in the fine old Victorian main build­ing and come from differ­ent loca­tions within the UK, as well as from a vari­ety of other coun­tries. The board­ing community is close and encour­ages pupils to mix across the age range.

We keep our curriculum under review at Friends’ and our inde­pend­ence allows us to develop chal­len­ging and creat­ive programmes of study, to suit the vari­ous needs of our pupils. While we broadly follow the National Curriculum and offer a good range of GCSE and A Levels, to facil­it­ate entry to employ­ment and higher educa­tion, we are never­the­less keen to embrace new ideas, embed new tech­no­lo­gies and carry our educa­tion well beyond the classroom in a packed sched­ule of educa­tional visits and extra-curricular activities.

Pastoral care at the school is excel­lent because the staff really get to know each pupil well and there is always a listen­ing ear or a help­ing hand in both the day and board­ing schools. Parents are always welcome and we try to listen to all members of our community, since we feel that every­one has some­thing to offer.

All this creates a fine found­a­tion for our pupils to move out with confid­ence into the world beyond school. We encour­age initi­at­ive and we provide an envir­on­ment in which creativ­ity can flour­ish and indi­vidual talent is recog­nised and nurtured. We are confid­ent and secure in the long tradi­tion on which we are build­ing but we are constantly look­ing to the future. We provide a very special place for our students but we are always look­ing outward to the wider world, as they will have to do them­selves in no time at all.

Anna Chaudhri