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About the School

Friends' School, Saffron Wadlen, Independent, co-educational day and boarding schoolFriends’ School is a lively and caring community with one simple aim: to real­ise the poten­tial and talent of all pupils within a friendly but chal­len­ging envir­on­ment. High stand­ards of teach­ing and academic attain­ment are obvi­ously hugely import­ant to us, but we make sure they are enriched by a broader frame­work of personal development

Achieve­ment is valued in all aspects of school life, whether it is academic, dramatic, artistic, musical or sport­ing. We believe in the import­ance of social skills, service to others and self confid­ence without conceit. When your child joins us, he or she will have plenty of oppor­tun­it­ies in all sorts of activ­it­ies - with the constant support of a community which respects indi­vidu­als, values achieve­ment and broadens perspective.

Each school day begins with morn­ing assembly, and the Quaker tradi­tion of silent worship. Chil­dren of all faiths, or none, are welcomed equally into an exclus­ive envir­on­ment that respects all reli­gious back­grounds. The Quaker way is to seek the inner light – God’s pres­ence within each person – and that is reflec­ted in the school way of celeb­rat­ing the value of each indi­vidual and their ideas.

Friends' School, Saffron Walden, Day and Boarding School