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Friends' School, Saffron Walden, Day and Boarding, prep and senior school The Board of Governors is the body ulti­mately respons­ible for the manage­ment and direc­tion of the school.

The Board may have between 15 and 21 members of whom at least half must be members of the Reli­gious Soci­ety of Friends (Quakers). Governors are selec­ted through the Quaker prac­tice of a Nomin­a­tions Commit­tee.  The Nomin­a­tions Commit­tee is concerned to ensure that Board of Governors have the neces­sary range of skills and exper­i­ence.  Governors are appoin­ted by the Friends’ School Saffron Walden General Meet­ing, a body estab­lished relat­ively recently with members drawn from Quaker Meet­ings geograph­ic­ally close to the School, which over­sees the Quaker life of the School on behalf of Britain Yearly Meet­ing of the Reli­gious Soci­ety of Friends.

Governors serve an initial 4 year term and may be nomin­ated to serve for a second such period. In excep­tional circum­stances a governor may serve a further 2 years but never beyond this maximum of 10 years. Sugges­ted names of people to join the Board may come from a vari­ety of sources; from constitu­ent Area Meet­ings of the General Meet­ing, from Old Schol­ars, parents and any other inter­ested parties.

The full Board meets once a term as do the three main subcom­mit­tees Educa­tion Commit­tee, Finance Commit­tee, and Plan­ning and Market­ing Commit­tee. An Exec­ut­ive Commit­tee lead by the Clerk of the Board deals with matters requir­ing atten­tion between meet­ings of the full Board. A Search & Governance Commit­tee (3 or 4 strong) is respons­ible for over­see­ing Board train­ing, induc­tion of new members and close liaison with the GM Nomin­a­tions Commit­tee to main­tain Board numbers and spread of skills.

In addi­tion to these commit­tees there are several small work­ing groups as needed - at present these are the Asset Manage­ment Group and the Risk Assess­ment Group. Indi­vidual governors attend meet­ings of the Health and Safety Commit­tee, and the Senior School Council.

Governors’ meet­ings are run as Quaker busi­ness meet­ings.  Each Governor is there in his or her own right and each has equal import­ance.  Meet­ings include peri­ods of silent worship.  No voting takes place

Governors are encour­aged, indeed expec­ted, to play as full a part in the life of the school as other commit­ments and living at a distance permit. The Board is commit­ted to foster­ing an under­stand­ing of Quaker values and prac­tice among staff and pupils, as well as making the work of the school known to the wider Quaker community.

Governor Dates 2015

The Board of Governors: Janu­ary 2015

The Chair/Clerk of the Board of Governors is Susan Garratt. If you wish to corres­pond with Susan Garratt then please use the School address.

Richard Bloom­field is the Assist­ant Clerk and the Treas­urer is Tony Penman.

Richard Bloom­field
Richard is a retired profes­sional elec­trical engin­eer and worked for 35 years on signalling and train control, work­ing for Brit­ish Rail and its successors. He is a Quaker and his local Meet­ing is Saffron Walden where he is Treas­urer. He also regu­larly attends Cork Meet­ing in Ireland, where his wife, Denise, lives. He serves on the Board of Friends Trusts, and has interests in envir­on­mental issues and work­ing with Quakers in Bolivia.

Richard’s connec­tion with Friends’ School Saffron Walden goes back to 1963 when he entered the first form as a day pupil, stay­ing until the end of the sixth form in 1970. Subsequently, both his chil­dren have atten­ded the senior school.

Richard joined the Board in Janu­ary 2011, and is Assist­ant Clerk of the Board, and on the Risk Assess­ment Group.

Richard Braun.
Richard is a soli­citor who has recently retired from a career in Local Govern­ment in Manchester and Cambridge, having previ­ously been involved in refugee reset­tle­ment, race rela­tions and community work in Fiji, Berkshire, London and Southamp­ton. He was born in New York and has lived in the UK since 1972. He has been an attender at Quaker meet­ings since 1988 in Chester, Eccles and most recently Cambridge Jesus Lane. His daugh­ter atten­ded Ackworth (Quaker) School as a boarder from year 8 until complet­ing her A-levels. At Cambridge Jesus Lane Meet­ing Richard is Notices Clerk and joint Records Officer and serves on the Nomin­a­tions and Hospit­al­ity Commit­tees as well as co-ordinating the Meeting’s regu­lar Peace Vigil.

Richard joined the Board in Janu­ary 2013 and serves on the Educa­tion Commit­tee, the Search and Governance Commit­tee and on the Risk Assess­ment Group. He has been the nomin­ated Governor for Safe­guard­ing since Octo­ber 2014.

Peter Brindle
Peter Brindle has been Bursar of Darwin College since Septem­ber 2001 and is an very exper­i­enced general manager, having admin­is­trat­ive, person­nel and finan­cial skills. His areas of expert­ise include control of major facil­it­ies projects and finan­cial resources, long-term and broad super­vi­sion of human-resource policy, prac­tical manage­ment and welfare support, and research for and produc­tion of advice and policy up to Cabinet-level. He has a consid­er­able know­ledge of foreign languages.

Peter Brindle is a member of the Finance and Plan­ning and Market­ing Commit­tees, and reports to the Board on Regu­lat­ory Compliance.

Andrew Deller
Andrew has a back­ground in Finan­cial Services. He spent 16 years work­ing in commer­cial and retail bank­ing, running Change Manage­ment and Human Resources teams and projects, includ­ing 4 years living and work­ing in sub-Saharan Africa: Lusaka and Johannesburg.

For the last seven years Andrew has been work­ing as an inde­pend­ent consult­ant special­ising in Lead­er­ship Devel­op­ment, Exec­ut­ive Coach­ing and Human Resources, across a wide range of industry sectors, with exper­i­ence in the Middle East, Europe and the UK. Being ‘self-employed’ allows Andrew to achieve the life-work balance he values so highly. Andrew is father to 2 chil­dren at Friends’.

Andrew joined the Board in Janu­ary 2012 and is a member of the Finance Commit­tee and Clerk of the Plan­ning and Market­ing Committee.

Sue Fellows
Is a Quaker and has been on the Board since 2006. She is a librar­ian at North London’s Middle­sex Univer­sity. Her partic­u­lar area of interest vis à vis the school lies in ensur­ing that it offers a safe, stim­u­lat­ing & support­ive envir­on­ment for pupils to succeed in, using the most up to date equip­ment, soft­ware and resources avail­able (afford­able within budget), within the frame­work of a Quaker ethos.

Sue joined the Board in 2006 and is on the Educa­tion, Plan­ning and Market­ing, and Search and Governance Committees.

Jo Fisher
Jo is an active member of Hunt­ing­don Local Quaker Meet­ing and has been in member­ship for over 25 years.

She has always had a keen interest in the needs and aspir­a­tions of chil­dren: This through volun­tary work when her chil­dren were young, as part of team in an Out of School Unit, in her work in Hunt­ing­don as a Social Worker and Foster­ing Officer, through to her work with young musi­cians as an Alex­an­der Tech­nique Teacher at Oundle School Music Depart­ment. With her husband she totally enjoys her five wonder­ful grandchildren.

Jo believes that our future as a coun­try and for the world is about chil­dren. “We demon­strate this by the way we invest in, respect and love our children”.

Jo joined the board in Janu­ary 2013 and is on the Educa­tion Commit­tee, with special interest in the Junior School.

Susan Garratt
Susan is an active Quaker, with a vari­ety of Quaker respons­ib­il­it­ies, from a Quaker family. Her profes­sional back­ground is in educa­tion, and having recently retired from full-time teach­ing in the state sector, now works as an educa­tion consult­ant, tutor­ing and assess­ing teacher train­ees. Her commit­ment to both educa­tion and the Quaker ethos under­pin her service as a governor of FSSW.

Sue is Clerk (Chair­man) of the Board and seeks to promote Quaker values through­out both schools. Susan joined the Board in 2011, and in her capa­city as Clerk attends all commit­tees “ex officio”.

Celia James
Celia James came from an arts back­ground, study­ing paint­ing at Camber­well Art School before focus­sing on sculp­ture.  She trained as an infant teacher, work­ing with Recep­tion for 8 years and later as an Art Ther­ap­ist, work­ing with young offend­ers, people on proba­tion and adults with severe learn­ing disab­il­ity. She has been a Quaker since 1981.

Celia joined the Board in Janu­ary 2010 and is Clerk on the Search and Governance Commit­tee, and is also on the Exec­ut­ive Commit­tee. Celia reports to the Board on Early Years Found­a­tion Stage matters and is the named governor for Special Educa­tional Needs in the school.

Douglas Kent
Douglas is a chartered surveyor special­ising in build­ing conser­va­tion and is currently a director and the company secret­ary at the Soci­ety for the Protec­tion of Ancient Build­ings - the largest, oldest and most tech­nic­ally expert char­ity campaign­ing across the UK to save old build­ings from decay, demoli­tion and damage. He publishes regu­larly, lectures and broad­casts on the conser­va­tion of build­ings. He also serves on many commit­tees for organ­isa­tions devoted to sustain­ing the historic built envir­on­ment and recently became chair­man of the Hundred Parishes Soci­ety. In addi­tion to his char­ity exper­i­ence, he has worked in the public and private sectors.

A former pupil, he is partic­u­larly inter­ested in help­ing the school with matters to do with its build­ing fabric and main­tain­ing a high-quality envir­on­ment that bene­fits teach­ing and learning.

Douglas joined the Board in Janu­ary 2008 and serves on the Finance Commit­tee and the Asset Manage­ment Group.

Jenny Marks
Follow­ing several years work­ing with school governors in the public sector and a period of three years as Governors’ Secret­ary at Friends’ School, Jenny joined the Board as a (non-Quaker) governor in 2007. Her original train­ing was in medi­cine and phar­ma­ceut­ic­als, but she brings her more recent exper­i­ence of market­ing, public rela­tions, writ­ing and edit­ing, and an ongo­ing commit­ment as Company Secret­ary of her family’s busi­ness to the service of the Board.

Jenny joined the Board in 2007. She is a member of the Finance Commit­tee and the Plan­ning and Market­ing Commit­tee. She also reports to the Board on Board­ing matters.

Gloria Mouser
Gloria Mouser worked as teacher and head teacher for more than 38 years, at Haber­dash­ers’ Aske’s and then as Prin­cipal of St. Mary’s School, Colchester, which takes chil­dren from 4 years of age. She has consid­er­able exper­i­ence of teach­ing chil­dren through­out the Second­ary age range, as they progress through their years in school.

As Head for 25 years, she has consid­er­able exper­i­ence of produ­cing the Academic budget for her school and of work­ing in collab­or­a­tion with her Bursar to produce the over­all budget. Gloria has long exper­i­ence of appoint­ing teach­ing and cler­ical staff and of parti­cip­at­ing in their annual assessments.

She worked for 2 years in Market Research and Advert­ising and, as Head, has worked on Market­ing in her own school. She has exper­i­ence of inter­view­ing and devis­ing ques­tion­naires (and analysis of both). She has developed exchanges/links between over­seas schools and her own, encour­aging wider aware­ness in her pupils.

Gloria is a member of the Educa­tion Commit­tee and Search and Governance Commit­tee and  is the Desig­nated Governor for Special Needs in the School.

Finola O’Sullivan
Finola O’Sullivan is from Ireland and moved here to work for Cambridge Univer­sity Press as a book commis­sion­ing editor in 1997.  Today she co-ordinates their global academic law publish­ing, with a partic­u­lar emphasis on inter­na­tional rela­tions and human rights.

Grow­ing up in a large Cath­olic family in Dublin, she enjoyed both her primary and second­ary schools and the form­at­ive influ­ences of many inspir­ing teach­ers. She stud­ied English language and liter­at­ure at Univer­sity College Dublin.

Finola’s later path into member­ship of the Reli­gious Soci­ety of Friends was sparked  by her paci­fist beliefs. She worships at her Cambridge Hart­ing­ton Grove Local Meet­ing and also serves as one of the over­seers to attenders and members there.

She sees governor­ship at Friends’ School Saffron Walden both as an exten­sion of her involve­ment in Cambridge Area Meet­ing and a chance to contrib­ute to the prac­tice of Quaker Testi­mon­ies through­out the school.

Finola joined the Board in Janu­ary 2012 and serves on the Plan­ning and Market­ing Commit­tee. She also reports to the Board on Health and Safety matters and attends the school’s Health and Safety Committee.

Tony Penman
Tony grew up in the Hawke’s Bay region of New Zeal­and and began his work­ing life in tax policy at the New Zeal­and Treas­ury. Arriv­ing in Britain in 1988 he has spent most of the last 20 years work­ing in the invest­ment manage­ment industry.

His interests include econom­ics, public policy and history and he is an active sports­man. Tony has four chil­dren, three of whom attend Friends’, and his wife, Sarah, currently works as one of the school’s nurses.

Whilst not a Quaker, Tony iden­ti­fies strongly with Quaker values. He joined the Board in Janu­ary 2011 and currently acts as the Treas­urer and sits on the Finance Committee.

Colin South
Colin is a Quaker. He has had inter­na­tional exper­i­ence as a second­ary school teacher. He has been a depart­mental head of a large compre­hens­ive school in Suffolk, and Director for four years of Friends School in Ramallah/el-Birehin in Palestine with 1200 pupils, and has an interest and concern for life long education.

He has had long exper­i­ence as governor, trustee and admin­is­trator of several differ­ent Chris­tian and Quaker char­it­ies and has train­ing, exper­i­ence and qual­i­fic­a­tion in char­ity manage­ment and finance. Colin has been the Clerk of MId Essex Area Meet­ing (MEAM), the Clerk to Trust­ees of MEAM and the Clerk of the UK Commit­tee of the Ecumen­ical Accom­pan­iers Programme for Palestine and Israel and is currently a member of the Quaker Stew­ard­ship Committee.

Colin joined the Board in Janu­ary 2014. He is Clerk of the Finance Commit­tee and also serves on the Plan­ning and Market­ing Committee.

Stephen Tomkins
Stephen has a profes­sional back­ground in the life sciences and in both second­ary and Univer­sity teach­ing and teacher train­ing. After read­ing Natural Sciences at Cambridge he taught for seven years in Africa. After two teach­ing posts at Village Colleges he became Head of the Biology Depart­ment at Hills Road Sixth Form College (1978-92) then the Head of Science Faculty at Homer­ton College (teacher train­ing). He is now retired from his former Cambridge Univer­sity Educa­tion Faculty and College posts.

Stephen has a passion for both qual­ity teach­ing and learn­ing espe­cially in life sciences and envir­on­mental educa­tion. He has grand­chil­dren of school age. Married to a Quaker and with relat­ives and personal friends amongst the FSSW Old Schol­ars he is an attender at Jesus Lane Meet­ing in Cambridge, and a strong supporter of the Friend’s ethos - feel­ing that many Quakers express in their lives the most import­ant funda­ment­als of that dogma-free Chris­tian living to which we might all aspire.

Stephen joined the Board in Janu­ary 2013 and is Clerk of the Educa­tion Commit­tee and also on the Plan­ning and Market­ing Committee.