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Welcome to the Senior School

We expect our students to achieve and we love to celeb­rate their successes. But we make sure that a sense of propor­tion prevails, and there is none of the anxi­ety that can be caused by excess­ive competition.

In the senior school classes are small so teacher time and atten­tion are plen­ti­ful, and every child is known indi­vidu­ally by all of his or her subject staff. We expect pupils to gain at least one grade higher for each subject at GCSE than their record sugges­ted when they joined the school.

At Friends’ School, your child will find a strong sense of community that unites all members of the school - board­ing and day pupils, teach­ing and non-teaching staff - regard­less of age or posi­tion. We believe that learn­ing happens most effect­ively when rela­tion­ships are based on mutual trust. This support­ive envir­on­ment results in secure, happy students who are able to meet intel­lec­tual, creat­ive and phys­ical chal­lenges with confid­ence through­out their school career.

Quakers believe that there is some­thing of God in every­one. This belief influ­ences all rela­tion­ships within Friends’ School and creates an envir­on­ment where your child will be treated as an indi­vidual and integ­rated into the community. Indi­vidu­al­ity is cher­ished and pupils and staff show respect for the dignity of others.

It is because of the Quaker herit­age of the school that we welcome chil­dren from all reli­gious faiths, as well as those with none. While our assem­blies are based on Quaker silent worship, they are inclus­ive and respect the reli­gious back­grounds of all our pupils.