We expect our students to achieve and we love to celebrate their successes. But we make sure that a sense of proportion prevails, and there is none of the anxiety that can be caused by excessive competition.

In the senior school classes are small so teacher time and attention are plentiful, and every child is known individually by all of his or her subject staff. We expect pupils to gain at least one grade higher for each subject at GCSE than their record suggested when they joined the school.

At Friends’ School, your child will find a strong sense of community that unites all members of the school – boarding and day pupils, teaching and non-teaching staff – regardless of age or position. We believe that learning happens most effectively when relationships are based on mutual trust. This supportive environment results in secure, happy students who are able to meet intellectual, creative and physical challenges with confidence throughout their school career.

Quakers believe that there is something of God in everyone. This belief influences all relationships within Friends’ School and creates an environment where your child will be treated as an individual and integrated into the community. Individuality is cherished and pupils and staff show respect for the dignity of others.

It is because of the Quaker heritage of the school that we welcome children from all religious faiths, as well as those with none. While our assemblies are based on Quaker silent worship, they are inclusive and respect the religious backgrounds of all our pupils.