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Welcome to the Sixth Form

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Welcome to Friends’ School Sixth Form. We are very proud of our Sixth Form and hope that you will find the inform­a­tion you need on these pages.

Here are a few reas­ons why you should consider Friends’ School Sixth Form:

Our Sixth Form is small by design

This means that we can be respons­ive in meet­ing students’ indi­vidual needs. Each student is ment­ored and their progress and well­being is care­fully monitored with parents informed through­out the process. Our range of A Level subjects means that all univer­sity degree courses are open to our Sixth Formers and most of our leav­ers achieve places at their first choice university.

A Sixth Form in a school

Inde­pend­ence and free­dom are some­thing our Sixth Formers enjoy, however, they can still bene­fit from being part of a whole school. Musical perform­ances and produc­tions, drama and dance shows, art exhib­i­tions and repres­ent­at­ive sports all form part of Sixth Form life at Friends’.

Lead­er­ship opportunities

We also offer consid­er­able lead­er­ship and devel­op­ment oppor­tun­it­ies such as being a part of the Quar­tet (our version of Head Boy and Girl), House Captain, Board­ing Rep, running a club or activ­ity, coach­ing or assist­ing with sports teams, serving on the School Coun­cil, or one of our many student-led commit­tees. We also expect our Sixth Formers to serve as role models to younger students in terms of their learn­ing, values and attitudes.

A dedic­ated Sixth Form area

We have a dedic­ated Sixth Form area incor­por­at­ing ‘The Barn’ which has study and social facil­it­ies, a kitchen area, Sixth Form teach­ing rooms, access to desktop facil­it­ies in the library and computer rooms, and a whole-site WiFi network for the use of elec­tronic learn­ing devices. Our VLE makes all teach­ing, home­work and research resources inter­act­ively avail­able to students from home or school.

Added value

We emphas­ise inclu­sion, support and chal­lenge in equal meas­ure. We only admit students who are capable of A Level study but from exper­i­ence we know that learners have a vari­ety of needs and we acknow­ledge these differ­ences. We support, extend and chal­lenge our high-fliers and our skilled Study Centre staff ensure that students with addi­tional learn­ing needs are suppor­ted. Our students consist­ently achieve higher grades than their standardised-test predic­tions; in short, our approach adds signi­fic­ant value.

The Whole Person

While we take academic achieve­ment seri­ously we also consider educat­ing the whole person to be vitally import­ant. We aim to equip our students with the values, atti­tudes, skills and know­ledge that bring success in future employ­ment, study and in lead­ing respons­ible and happy lives. We do this in the Sixth Form by teach­ing study skills, emphas­ising self-discipline and by build­ing team and co-operative skills. We promote inde­pend­ence, respons­ib­il­ity, initi­at­ive, aware­ness of self and concern for others. We encour­age healthy life­styles and insist, as a minimum, that all students take part in games and some form of sport­ing activity.

Exten­sion and Enrichment

We offer a broad exten­sion and enrich­ment programme to our students in the Sixth Form. Indi­vidual careers advice and a selec­tion of talks and visits support the process of applic­a­tion to higher educa­tion and/or employ­ment. Our current Sixth Formers have also benefited from educa­tional visits to Rome, Venice, Paris, Iceland, Polish and German Holo­caust camps and the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Switzer­land – as well as a wide range of more local visits and experiences.

Some­thing Special

Our students feel at home, comfort­able and free to express them­selves within safe limits. Last­ing friend­ships are often formed in a smal­ler Sixth Form and there is a strong cohe­sion within the group which makes our students feel part of some­thing very special.


We encour­age initi­at­ive and provide an envir­on­ment in which creativ­ity can flour­ish and indi­vidual talent is recog­nised and nurtured.  All this creates a fine found­a­tion for our students to move out with confid­ence into the world beyond school.

For further inform­a­tion please contact Alison Stan­bury, our Admis­sions Secret­ary  – or 01799 525 351


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